Monday, August 15, 2016

Grandma Camp Outing

My Monday theme is going to be Grandma Camp Outings. Looking back at the summer, things did fall into more-or-less of a schedule. I love having the kids ONE AT A TIME...but, their parents are so busy, it's a bigger help if I have them BOTH. So -- for one night and one day each week -- that's what we did.

And the best thing is that Lilly REALLY LIKES having Warren with us for an outing. And Warren absolutely ADORES his big sister -- always trying to do everything she does. I tell Lilly it is an honor to be so admired and copied...
This outing started out as our good deed. We went to my friend Sue's house to deliver the curtains I'd sewed for her new potting shed.
Last summer, Sue and Kim added a screened gazebo and fire pit to their massive back yard.
Last summer, Marion and I went to visit -- and the potting shed was brand new.
Making under-the-counter curtains for Sue's work bench was my official mission.
Actually, this curtain project has been TWO YEARS in the making...but sometimes, that's just how it goes. On this day, I was delivering the FINISHED CURTAINS to Sue's potting shed. And I thought I would turn it into the weekly outing for Lilly and Warren. For one thing, I wanted Lilly to see the curtain project as it was happening...and for another thing -- they are seven and three VERY EASY to entertain!!
Lucky for Kim, Sue is not the least bit fussy.  (yes -- that is sarcasm)
Sue gave us a ride in her new golf cart.  Through the corn fields -- down to the family's lake cabin.
Across the footbridge -- there is a trash can full of fish feed.
Back in the house, Lilly was off to explore each and every room in this gigantic farm house...while Warren stayed in the kitchen with me, lining up the blocks Kim made for his son when he was a toddler...35 years ago...
The fabric Sue picked out for the curtains is PERFECT...with birds, and flowers...
Every little detail inside Sue's potting shed is perfect.
And I'm not kidding...
THANKS, SUE..for a wonderful Grandma Rita Outing.  IT WAS THE PERFECT DAY...

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