Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sisters Sewing Weekend

2016 was the best summer ever. Obviously, it was jam packed with two little kids I adore. And, every week I had some special ADULT girlfriend activity planned. IT WAS WONDERFUL.

I'm sure you are tired of hearing about the Featherweight Workshop at MSQC...but do you remember the part where, on my way back to Iowa, I stopped at Ronda's Missouri house? Well -- I was doing recon because that was to be the location for our first-annual-sisters-sewing-weekend!!

Ronda and Dean's house has three bedrooms and a large yard.
Our first stop was the fabulous Dutchman's Store!!
Attendees: Deena, Ronda, Rita, Deborah and Barb (our faux sister)
At Dutchman's -- WE ALL BOUGHT FABRIC.
And lots of other stuff...
They have a huge collection of odd things...cookware, utensils, fabric, food, spices...
We filled our giant coolers. (Ronda has a chest freezer at her house -- usually full of fish...)
After our initial meet-up and shopping -- it was time to GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.  This was Deena, sewing on my Featherweight.  She did not have one of her own.  (YET)...
There were two machines set up on Ronda's kitchen table.
We set up a cutting station in the living room, and an ironing station in the bedroom...then we got down to the serious business of sewing. And visiting. And laughing. OMG...

What made our weekend so wonderful is that it was JUST US.  We could do what we wanted, when we wanted.  Our husbands weren't there telling us what to do, nor our children telling us everything we did was wrong.  There were no grandkids to worry about or entertain.  Nobody in the house was trying to stick a marble up their nostril -- it was JUST US.  Wow.  

It's hard to know when it happened or how it happened...but after being together for just a few hours, we were girls again.  The very best of ourselves.

It was magic...and I am not kidding... 

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