Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sisters Sewing Weekend, Part Two...

There were so many wonderful elements to our Sisters Sewing Weekend -- and we REALLY DID TAKE OVER RONDA'S ENTIRE HOUSE...
We set up the machines on the kitchen table...
The front bedroom had the ironing station.
You can see our cutting table at the front of the living room. And, just in case you needed a break from sewing, we also set up a puzzle table with a 500 piece puzzle. (which we finished)
Meals were easy/breezy. One night, we ate chocolate covered almonds for were some bags of chips, a lot of snack food...some fresh fruit, crackers and cheese...AWESOME, RIGHT??
OBVIOUSLY -- there was no place to eat inside the house.  We did manage to put together one GREAT PICNIC..
Thanks to the one little restaurant in Baring, Missouri.  Do you believe the size of this pork tenderloin??
The weather cooperated.
The food was DELICIOUS -- we had three boxes of leftovers, yet the lunch for five people was $6 each (with a generous tip).
Maybe Deb was telling a story about the size of a...?? fish??...
I brought my new Marimekko bedspread for the Sew and Tell...
Deb gave a tutorial on the MONDO bag pattern.
AND -- how to do the burrito pillowcase.
Even though we hadn't planned actual "demonstrations" -- we ended up sharing different techniques or patterns. Ronda is always happy to share her tips for ragged edge quilts, and I learned a lot when Barb helped Deena lay out her quilt.

Deb had SO MANY things she was working on, it was hard to keep track.

So -- what was my tutorial about? You will never guess...and it was a NEW NOTION to both Deb and the uber-experienced Barb...are you ready?

I showed them HOW TO USE A BODKIN!!


  1. OMG.....I found a bodkin on my wall while looking for my new "Wefty" tool (for weaving fabric).....and used a bodkin for the first time Never did find that dang Wefty.......

  2. I've used a bodkin for years to thread elastic.