Thursday, August 25, 2016

Our Faux Sister

Our FIRST EVER Sewing Sister Weekend at Ronda's house in Baring, Missouri will always be remembered as one of the highlights of my life.
We all LOVE TO SEW...Rita, Ronda, Deb (standing) and Deena....and it was so great to spend this time TOGETHER... But, you may have noticed there was a fifth person with us on this special weekend. The girl taking this picture!!  
THIS GIRL!! Our faux sister -- Barb.
Deborah is married to Rob. And for many years, Barb was married to Rob's brother. So the two of them were sisters-in-law, and over the years -- became best friends.
After Barb divorced what's-his-name -- she and Deb REMAINED best friends. And sewing together has always been a part of their rhythm...
Barb brought SO MUCH to the weekend. For one thing, she assisted Deena in laying out this complicated quilt...
I don't know how they did it...
The only picture I have of the FIVE OF US -- happened in the bathroom of Kathleen's house in town. Kathleen was giving us a tour...and I wanted a group shot...and nobody said, "HELLO?? WE'RE STANDING IN A BATHROOM!!!"
When I was taking a nap -- Barb FINISHED THE JIGSAW PUZZLE!! (HEY, BARB -- after I finish a puzzle, I remove the last 50 pieces or so -- so somebody else can experience that joy...I'm just sayin...)
This is my favorite picture of Deborah and Barb. Maybe the best picture I ever took. E.V.E.R.
Barb -- you were a JOY. We are so grateful that you came and were a part of our fabulous weekend. It would not have been the same without you. Deb is so lucky to have you in her life -- and SO ARE WE!!


  1. Guess I should have caught up on your blog before today. Gosh,thx for the praise! I had the best time and appreciate the inclusion.

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