Friday, October 2, 2015

Warren and his Blankets

There is no better advertisement for sewing than BABY BLANKETS...

I just can't emphasize how valuable I think it is to MAKE A GIFT...with your own two hands. Even if it's a simple project like a receiving blanket for a new baby. Planning it, picking out the fabric, washing it, hemming it...
My sister Ronda made some flannel receiving blankets for Warren when he was born...and the green frog blanket was his early favorite.

In July, I wrote about how I tried to make some new blankets, but Warren rejected them.  So I trie to trick him by using thrift-store blankets, combined with pieces of his original "b's" to create a new Army of Blankets... (read here)

The question at the time was whether or not Warren would accept those new blankets...
This picture should answer that question!!
Now, the first thing he does when he comes here is to run back into his room, and gather up A DOZEN of his b's...then, he runs down the hall (it takes two trips) and piles them in his favorite chair.
His thinking now, instead of "where is THE blanket"?  Seems to be, "the more the merrier..."
At this point, he isn't happy unless he has an ARMLOAD of blankets...
So, I've created a whole new problem....and maybe this proves you should be careful what you pray for, eh?

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