Monday, October 19, 2015

Homecoming Traditions

My great-nephew Parker, a senior this year, was on the North Scott Homecoming Court.
Parker in the middle, with some of the other girls and boys on the Court.
Apparently, one of the "traditions" at North Scott is that the girls on the court sneak out in the middle of the night (the week before the dance) and T/P the homes of the boys on the court...
This is the outside of Parker's house the morning after the TP attack...
The patio furniture was stacked up, the trees were loaded...
Yep...the Kearaney's got it pretty good.
But one thing the girls did NOT COUNT ON....
Was this ferocious team of troublemakers....Parker's mom, Nicole, and her sister, Aunt Amy.
Word of the T/P party leaked out -- and Nicole decided to launch a counter-attack. She, her husband Bill, her brother Cory and her sister Amy. The four of them dressed in their black Ninja outfits, and spent the evening preparing their defense. They had buckets of water balloons, some firecrackers, and police grade flashlights.

It will be a night long remembered by both sides, I'm sure.  The Black Ops adults had to wait for three hours before the girls arrived...But, by all accounts, it was worth it!!

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