Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pati Palmer and the Ya Ya Sisters

This oldie is from way back in 2010!! The reason I pulled it up is that I will be interviewing Pati Palmer for Inspired To Sew magazine. AND I AM SO EXCITED...her daughter will be getting married soon, and Pati made her wedding dress. *************** Because Mary and I were both so proud of our new outfits from the Coats and Clark Pink and Red Fashion show in Puyallup -- we decided to wear these stylish garments to begin our Ya Ya show in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Here we are, backstage, moments before the show...

It was a thrill when we realized that having a SOLD OUT SHOW meant Nancy Zieman and Pati Palmer had to find and then actually carry in their own chairs!!

Here's my biggest tickle of the night -- guess who was my "techie" for the Power Point? THAT'S RIGHT -- PATI PALMER HERSELF..!! SHE had been speaking in the same room earlier in the day -- and because she is way more computer advanced than I AM -- she offered to load my Power Point on her laptop and then hook up her projector (ALWAYS the missing link)...

THANKS, PATI -- for coming to our show and being such a good little helper!!

If I eventually find them -- I'll post pictures of the audience from that special night. YOU WERE AMAZING. I cannot remember when we ever had a better time. Thanks, Nancy's Notions, for inviting us to YA YA at the 25th anniversary of Sewing Weekend. It was a very big deal for us -- and Mary and I loved being a part of your very special event.

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