Monday, October 26, 2015

Project Runway

Sadly -- watching Project Runway has turned into a job. You know, when you dread getting up on Monday morning...but feeling like it's something you MUST do...

This year has really been a joyless exercise. Honestly -- there has not been one single outfit I remember. They were down to five designers before I knew any of their names. Except for Ashley -- the fat girl I REALLY, REALLY WANTED to root for...but then, she lost me with a horrible stiff cape during the early Hallmark challenge...and she kept making boring circle skirts...

One of my biggest disappointments this season has been the RARE TRIPS to Mood Fabrics. What's up with that? Not a single sighting of our favorite fabric store dog mascot, Swatch -- WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?? Sooo many unconventional challenges...really??

Last week, with only four designers left -- it was FINALLY a chance to go to Mood, pick out some fabric, and make a red carpet look...

Here are the  final four...

Ashley made the gold sequins gown,  Candace made another Darth Vader dress, Edmond did the colorful short dress, and Kelly made the form fitting jumpsuit.  Who do you think won this challenge?
Kelly won.  And I was fine with that.  She created the textile, and the fit was amazing.  PANTS IS A RARE THING on this season.  (and, for good reason).

Edmond was the loser.  And, they edited the episode so you think Edmond is going home...BUT THAT JUST IS NOT POSSIBLE..!!

THE TIM GUNN SAVE IS STILL OUT THERE.  And, c'mon, Tim -- Edmond had an entirely different gown on the mannequin, BUT YOU TOLD HIM TO BE BOLD. 

Edmond had so much fear about this Rainbow Bright sequins fabric, he couldn't make the first cut until the second day. 

At the end of the episode, Tim always sends them to the workroom to pack up their kit.  BUT THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN....

So -- If there is a fashion God looking over our universe -- TIM WILL SAVE EDMOND. 

Even if you missed the entire season (and you weren't wrong) -- you might want to tune in for the Finale episodes.  (Thursday on Lifetime).  I love seeing their homes, where they actually sew, what their inspiration was, and how they developed a collection.


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