Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Halloween

I have many proud moments in my life. One of them was several years ago -- my niece Nicole called and said, "Aunt Rita -- we decided to dress up for Halloween this year. Do you have anything in your basement that would make me look like a pirate?"
Do you see my Pirate niece? Embroidered black skirt, peasant blouse, leather belt, red overskirt and a bandana? GORGEOUS, EH??
And I LOVE THAT SHE KNEW WHO TO CALL...and WHICH BASEMENT was most likely to have buried Pirate Treasure. YES -- THAT WOULD BE ME...!!

 Even when it's NOT HALLOWEEN, I think dress-up is fun for kids. Lilly has always enjoyed a closet full of semi-wedding-dress-formals...
I have at least 40 pictures of Lillian and Memphis, playing dress-up...

Last summer, I sent Pirate costumes (with American Flag capes) to Pennsylvania for these three little boys. (the three little girls got Elsa costumes). 

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