Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ross and The Other Girls

After our son Ross graduated from college, he worked as a photojournalist. He worked at an NBC station, then moved to a CBS affiliate in Pennsylvania. After ten years of being a network news cameraman, he was hired by a wildlife documentary company and relocated to northern Minnesota.

For the next five years, we only saw him twice a year, and every picture he sent looked something like this....
He went on hunts in about 24 states, may trips to Canada and Alaska, even South Africa and Hungary
It was quite a shock when Ross announced he was going to go back to school to become a nurse.

So, he cashed in his 401, moved back in with us and enrolled in nursing school. Some of his old friends are scratching their heads. It did seem like a very unlikely turn of events.  And there is still a stigma when a man wants to be a nurse.

And the other students ARE mostly young girls. Ross was 35 when he went back to school...most of the "other girls" (that's what he calls his classmates) are 20.

It has been interesting. Very. For one thing, living here, whether he likes it or not -- Ross is subjected to my television viewing habits.  You know -- the Real Housewives, The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars,
On rare occasions, the men control the main television....Ross, John and Warren watching the Cubs...
Ross is a passionate Cub fan, and John roots for Philadelphia teams.  It will be interesting to see who Warren cheers for, eh?

Recently, Ross was studying with a group at the library.  There was one other guy (Larry) in the group...

Ross and the "other girls" were talking about The Bachelor, and Larry rolled his eyes and said, "gee, bro, we've got an uphill battle the way it is -- you are not helping our cause."

Ross, "Hey -- The Bachelor isn't even the girliest show I watch...."

Everybody turned to look at him...and Ross said, "Swapnil had to go home...he was so lazy...THAT DRESS DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A ZIPPER!!"

Oh, yeah...I'm going to miss him....(Ross -- not Swapnil)

Speaking of Project Runway,  I am going to write an update...soon.  Maybe.

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  1. Ross isn't the only guy to watch PR. Connie and I may spend our Thursday nights texting each other during PR, but our men (Steve and Jim) are watching the show right along with us and putting in their two cents worth.