Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thank you, Grandma!

Warren spends the night on Wednesdays. Lilly sleeps over on Saturday night. That's convenient because she goes to Sunday School in Princeton -- which is a 5 minute drive for me.

Our little girl LOVES Sunday School.  There is usually a craft, and lots of singing...

I wake her up by 9:00, and we eat a nice breakfast together -- then she gets herself dressed for church. It is not unusual for her to sitting in the car 30 minutes before we need to go...(she loves being EARLY)...
Believe it or not -- she picks out her own outfits!!
On the Sunday after the Festival of Trees parade, as we were eating breakfast, she excitedly told Uncle Ross all about the big balloons, the bands, the clowns, yada yada...

A few minutes later, as we got in the car, I said, "we had such a wonderful time at the parade yesterday, didn't we, hon?"

The little voice from the back seat cheered, "YES, WE DID -- THANK YOU JESUS!"

I said, "What??  Jesus?  Really, Lilly?  How about THANK YOU, GRANDMA??...After all, I'm the one who decided we should go, and I drove us into town,  got a parking spot, and I even found us a bench so we could watch the whole parade...."

There was the sound of an actual exhalation from the back seat....

Exasperated -- Lilly said, "I know all that, Grandma.  I am thanking Jesus because it didn't RAIN."

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