Monday, December 8, 2014

Pack & Play Crib sheet

One of the best baby equipment inventions of the 20th Century is the Pack and Play.  During the holidays -- millions of these will be traveling ...
It packs up very compactly. It's lightweight and portable. It is safe, practical,

They set up easily -- can be used outside or inside. Every Grandma I know has one of these stowed in a closet...

But there is one thing about a Pack and Play that is problematic...the thin little folding mattress. It is made out of plastic. So, if it's warm, it gets sticky...and if you lay a sheet or blanket on the mattress, it ends up in a jumble. Although they do make fitted sheets -- because the mattress is so thin, the corners pull off as soon as the baby starts rolling around.

Of course, because I SEW -- I decided to make a giant pillowcase/sheet for the Pack and Play mattress.  you can get two of them out of one fitted sheet.  Cut your sheet into two pieces...(I just ripped it down the center, lenghtwise.)
Fold the long piece (lengthwise), then sew the two side seams.  Done.  I left the one end completely open -- allowing for a 6" fold-under.  I could have used velcro -- but the weight of the baby keeps the end tucked in.
Warren doesn't mind that his sheet is pink and orange...
I mean -- it IS a designer sheet!!
I feel SO MUCH better now that he's sleeping on a wonderful 100% cotton percale sheet...
As you can see -- HE LOVES his bed...!!

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