Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Snowflake Shower Curtain

Our bathrooms are small. That's fine with me. But that means the shower curtain makes a MAJOR STATEMENT...and I like to change-it-up every now and then.

This is what our shower curtain used to look like...
I jazzed it up with t-shirt fringe at the top, and a beige panel at the bottom...(more fringe)
Taking the shower curtain DOWN to wash it is a lot of work. So, I usually add another t-shirt panel...
If I remove one -- I add something else....
Like most things in my house, the shower curtain is an on-going work of art. Humm...That's an odd phrase, I think. An on-going work of art. Maybe it's just another way of saying CHANGE IS GOOD. Everything changes. People change, our taste changes....doesn't it? Our likes and dislikes, the jobs we do, the things we enjoy, the music we listen to. Change happens whether you like it or not. So you might as well embrace it.

Which brings me to my winter shower curtain. I once bought a snowflake shower curtain -- (75% off in February) because it went with the snowflake rug.
As a part of my "Mugs and Rugs" decorating campaign, this rug comes out right after Thanksgiving.

But the shower curtain was too short...and after mopping up several big wet puddles -- it came down and was packed away.
This year, I was excited to find the shower curtain at the bottom of a box of Christmas ornaments -- because I realized there was an easy fix to the problem...and I can't believe I didn't do this years ago...
I cut off the handkerchief hem of a blue glitter formal (quarter day at the Goodwill)...and sewed it on to the bottom of the shower curtain.  I DECLARE IT PERFECT...I think it even looks like show!!

I made no attempt to make the hem "straight". I simply used the finished edges to my advantage...and I like the pooling affect. It gives the shower curtain enough weight -- so it stays where it belongs. No more puddles...
I put up my new reconfigured shower curtain, and was very pleased. The next day, Lillian came for a visit. She came out of the bathroom with a scowl on her face and said, "the bottom of that shower curtain looks like my favorite dress-up dress."


  1. OH OH.....now you must find another glittery fabric to sew onto the bottom of that formal....lol Good LUCK with that......LOVE It !! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU & YOURS!!!

  2. Love kids! They tell you like it is.....lol
    Oh, and Mom just gave me an antique Christmas tablecloth that was my Grandma's. It has a few stains that are probably 50 years old.....something to try that new stain remover mix on.