Tuesday, December 9, 2014

1953 Pattern Service

Cathy, the woman doing the apron presentation, did a chronological history of aprons.
One of the major elements was feedsack aprons. (always my favorite!)
She had this little booklet -- which I have never seen. My camera was the only thing between me and shoplifting...
Cotton bags meant feedsack bags. OMG...!!
The various sizes
How to prepare the bag for sewing
As a kid, I could never figure out that chain stitch!!
This booklet was so exciting for me to see. I photographed almost every page (obviously). The booklet was put out by Simplicity Pattern Company.

It was so interesting how feedsack fabrics were used to sell chicken feed.  Uncle Barney would say, "C'mon, Gladys, I'm going to buy feed. You can pick out a new dress."

Aunt Glad said the farm women would call one another when the new fabric patterns arrived, and the supply got quickly picked over. Aunt Glad said if she let Uncle Barney go on his own, he might come home with three different fabric bags -- and they would have a heck of an argument.

It was not unusual for them to first visit the Kent store in DeWitt -- and if none of the feedsack fabrics suited her -- they would drive to Eldridge to see what bags DeKalb was offering...

This little booklet shows the graphics and styles of a time gone by...
Although there are many FREE ideas in the booklet, they also used the booklet to market their regular patterns (which sold for 35 cents).
Many of the projects were on "graphs", designed so you could make your own patterns.

Looking at this booklet made me nostalgic for a time I don't actually remember.

It is hard to imagine a child getting excited about a hand puppet made out of a feedsack...but it must have been wonderful...


  1. LOL.....I found a similar booklet from 1952 on Etsy for sale for $42.00.....:)))
    Linda in Othello

  2. Or here's one from 1950 for only $5.00......

    Good Luck!!! Linda

  3. YIKES. I'll have to content myself with taking PICTURES. Now I'm worried that if Cathy's book comes up missing -- she will think I took it!!

  4. That is so cool!!!! I want a copy for my collection!