Friday, December 5, 2014

How to Re-make a Fitted Sheet

I found a beautiful fitted sheet at the thrift store for $2. It was a high thread count, 100% cotton. So what's the problem? Well -- it's dark gray and it's king-size.

I only use white sheets on my bed -- which is Queen size.

But, hey -- a bargain is a bargain. And I actually enjoy the kind of mindless-mending-or-make-some-cleaning-rags-today sewing this project is going to require.

Besides, Ross actually PREFERS gray sheets. But he has a Queen size bed. He could just tuck the one side under the mattress...but -- what fun would that be for me??

To review -- a Queen size bed is 60"x80". A King size bed is 76"x80".

Since the length is the same -- just cutting down the width should be a piece of cake, right??

Not really. Because it is VERY difficult to measure a fitted sheet. That's just the nature of the beast....all that elastic gathers the fabric, and it is impossible to get a flat measurement.

It was so frustrating -- I decided to cut the elastic OFF the sheet completely. Because I knew I would reapply the same elastic, I left a generous 1"of fabric on the elastic.

I actually placed the sheet on the bed (right wide OUT) -- then pinned in the two new corners.

Once I was happy with the new corners, I cut away the extra fabric -- and used my serger to re-apply the elastic.

Yes, I know. You would never do this. You'd rather light your hair on fire and put it out with a hammer. I hear you. You are not wrong....

This was a beautiful sheet -- they did a french seam for their corners...
I did not. You can see, I just used my serger...good enough, people!
AFTER I made the two new corners, I re-attached the elastic.  I left more than an inch of the new serged seam would not interfere with the old elastic casing.  (which was beautiful).

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