Monday, December 15, 2014

Spot Cleaner

At TMBC, our conversations travel ALL OVER THE PLACE. We always have the BIG three: Family, friends and feelings.

We like day trippin'...this was us at the Hoover Presidential Museum.
Of course, some of us have more exciting lives than the others.  Recently, Linda P.  (blue jacket) got back from a trip to the Panama Canal!! We were all looking forward to her report.  Right now, Sharalan (orange top) is doing her winter-in-Texas thing (nobody ever wants to hear about that)....

And we always share lots of sewing, laundry and cooking. Just about anything that would make it onto a  seven-days-a-week dishtowel...

Recently, Sandy (red jacket) shared a SPOT REMOVAL recipe she got off Pinterest. It worked wonders on her favorite pair of pants. There were some strange spots that would not matter what she tried. The bad thing was that before she saw the stains, she washed the pants and put them in the dryer.  The kiss of death...(once you bake in a stain, the only remedy is to applique a flower over it....)

BUT THIS WORKED...and I am delighted to pass it on to you.

1 tsp Dawn dish detergent (MUST BE DAWN)
3 - 4 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide
2 tablespoons baking soda

Mix and apply with a brush.
Wash as usual. Should be good, if not repeat.

Sandy used an old toothbrush -- and one treatment did the trick!!

I figured with the holidays upon us, a good spot remover recipe might come in handy. Remember -- your best defense is AN APRON!!

(Laura, I hope you didn't throw away Jim's shirt...give this a try and let me know if it works)

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  1. I think the shirt is in the closet. After pretreating and washing like a zillion times, the mysterious spot can only be seen in certain lights. Dawn is the dishsoap I use, and of course I have baking soda and peroxide in the house.