Friday, October 4, 2013

A Love Story

My sister-in-law Maureen put this video up on her Facebook page.  I love this story...of course, I love Fred and I feel like I know Sweet Lorraine...but I especially love the young man who opened a random letter and then made a choice.  What he did was really extraordinary....

An elderly man named Fred submitted a letter to a singer songwriter contest (even though the contest asked for a YouTube upload). This letter included a song he had written for his recently deceased wife titled “Oh Sweet Loraine”. In the letter, Fred made it clear that he couldn’t sing or play any musical instruments.

Fred had accepted the fact that he may not get any response from the contest but little to his surprise…Fred heard back. You’re never going to believe what this music company did for him.

Click here -- this link will take you to the video

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