Saturday, June 15, 2013

You never know when the FIRST TIME could be the LAST TIME...

On the day I goofed up Landon's pick-up -- we were in a big hurry to get back on schedule. We came around a corner on a gravel road -- and ALMOST RAN OVER THIS...

WHA??? Driving 35 mph, I wasn't quite sure about what I WAS seeing.... I stopped the car and backed up to get a closer look...

I tried to crop my cellphone picture so you could get a better idea of what this prehistoric creature looked like...I was afraid to get too close, because I thought it would run towards me and bite me. Then, I realized I can probably still outrun a TURTLE...

Landon was very unimpressed with what was happening. I wanted him to understand how special this moment was. I told him I am 64 years old and I HAVE NEVER SEEN A TURTLE THIS BIG walking along the road. Turns out -- you can't really tell a kid when he/she should be impressed...
But, just in case this happens again -- I looked up some Snapping Turtle facts on Wikipedia:
  • The snapping turtle is a very aggressive predator and one of the largest turtles in North America
  • It often buries itself in the mud with only its nostrils and eyes showing, waiting for unsuspecting prey.
  • These turtles will snap at anything they find threatening.
  • Their snap is so powerful that it can easily shear fingers - so stay a safe distance away!
  • Snapping turtles live 30-40 years on average
  • The snapping turtle is New York's official state reptile

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  1. long was that turtle....???.I have never seen one in the wild either! Are they native in Iowa?....Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Linda