Friday, June 21, 2013

Grandma's Summer Camp

My friend Marion's three granddaughters will spend a week with her this summer. She calls it "Grandma's swimming and sewing camp". Marion is a big movie lover -- we both remember the hot day we were in Chicago -- thrilled to go into an air conditioned movie theater to watch Angelina Jolie in SALT...

Which started me thinking about the movies I watch with Lillian. She is only 4 -- and I must admit, we watch an alarming number of Disney movies. I think all that Princess bullshit may be damaging her personality -- and I have never been a fan of vacuous Barbie.

So I'm going to try to find movies that I CAN WATCH WITH HER...instead of plugging in a cartoon movie that bores me silly. Maybe something we can talk about afterwards...Movies can be a learning moment...or a bonding opportunity.

When I think about movies you can watch WITH kids -- my initial picks were all about sports movies -- because, of course, I HAD BOYS. So, I need to think about girl movies. Dance as a topic? Or is that also creating a stereotype? Hummm...

How about a movie that take place in NEW YORK CITY???


  • Hoosiers
  • Wildcats (Goldie Hawn -- Ross's favorite movie -- we watched it a hundred times)
  • Remember the Titans
  • October Sky (true story -- about being poor, having a dream and launching a rocket)
  • Bring It On (Cheerleaders instead of football players)
  • Drumline (Nick Cannon's best (only?) movie)
  • Center Stage (turn it up) about a dancer trying to make it in in NEW YORK CITY...
  • Ghostbusters (all in New York City -- GREAT scenes in the NYC library?)
  • Enchanted (okay -- it IS a Princess movie -- but Patrick Dempsey is real -- and there are GREAT New York City scenes)...
  • The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984)
  • The HELP (great conversation movie -- right?) How old does Lilly need to be before we can watch this?
So -- ANY SUGGESTIONS? What movies would you recommend for  Grandma Cinema?

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  1. scratch the movies. Discovery channel with leopards and elephants was what my kids watched.