Saturday, June 22, 2013

Grandma Cinema, Con't....

THIS Grandma Cinema thing IS SO MUCH FUN. I cannot tell you how bored I am by inane movies -- and it suddenly occurs to me that I HAVE BEEN MISSING THE BOAT COMPLETELY. Duh. Maybe I shouldn't be letting the four-year-old choose the movies!! Which will ALWAYS be based on the Saturday morning commercials...right??

SO -- THANKS FOR THE GOOD ADVICE. I already went to the library this afternoon to see what DVD's they had available...and here are some of the titles I'll be looking for...

Sue wrote: My grands and I love Ever After, starring Drew Barrymore. It’s the Cinderella story but the princess kicks butt and is totally NOT a “princess”.

We’ve also watched these together:
  • Babe
  • Charlotte’s Web, two they watch over and over
  • Chicken Little – not my favorite but they liked it -- animated
  • National Velvet with Eliz. Taylor -- It holds up well!
  • The Karate Kid – the original with Ralph Macchio
  • ET – my youngest found parts of it kind of scary until she was about five but I kept telling her it was going to be OK and she kept watching, loved it at the end.
  • Blackbeard’s Ghost – Peter Ustinov, Dean Jones, actually any of those OLD Disneys
  • That Darned Cat
  • Herbie the Love Bug, etc.
  • The Goonies
  • Benji – the girls love dog movies!
  • Where the Red Fern Grows – if you can find a copy, it’s a lovely movie
NO KIDDING...instead of rolling my eyes, or just plugging in a cartoon movie that bores me silly -- I am excited about our movie time now. Because YOU GAVE ME SO MANY WONDERFUL IDEAS....

Lillian is one of those kids who watches WAY TOO many videos. But I've decided if you can't beat ém -- join ém...and this movie thing could be AWESOME. With a little advance planning, Lilly and I will watch some wonderful movies together...and maybe have some interesting discussions or learn some life lessons along the way.

How old should she be before we get to watch To Kill A Mockingbird??

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