Friday, June 28, 2013

Who has 30 Minutes??

Lillian loves to cook. Last Friday, she saw a picture of "hand pies" in a Martha Stewart magazine.

Martha's version starts with homemade pie crust and a fresh fruit filling. Delicious, I'm sure. But, like most-things-Martha -- I always think WHO'S GOT THAT KIND OF TIME???

Honestly, Lilly is only 4.  I can get away with simplifying the recipe just a little.

I'm thinking a can of pie filling, with some refrigerated pie crust.

But, as it turns out, I didn't have either of those things on hand..

Looking in the frig -- I found a can of REFRIGERATED BISCUITS..Yippee Kayee...

For the filling -- WE ALWAYS HAVE JAM.  (come to think of it -- that could be a life-motto)...On this particular day -- we also have a jar of maraschino cherries and a snack-serving size of diced peaches.   It's good for Lillian to have choices.  That oughta do it...

Rachael Ray has made a fortune with her "30-Minutes or Less" philosophy.  I could write a cookbook called, "Never More than 10 minutes".

Lilly was delighted with our short-cut version of hand pies.  She loved rolling out the dough.  She loved spreading the filling, and pinching the edges.  The last step was sprinkling with cinnamon sugar....


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  1. What a great mind--super substitutions.
    I call Martha Stewart's recipes "Science Fiction".