Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fabric Scraps + one good idea = ART

My favorite pictures of my sister Deb often come from our trip to NEW YORK CITY. She has never seen this one....(standing inside the Staten Island Ferry building)

These two lovely young women are Deb's granddaughters. Ally on the left and Lexi on the right. Several months ago, Ally saw a fabric mirror in a magazine and she said, "you could make this for me for my birthday, Grandma." (these two girls KNOW THEIR GRANDMA...)

Of course -- the mirror became the mission....And here's a picture of the project in-progress....can you figure it out?

The secret to the project was using those cheapo wood shims!! Deb used a foam brush to apply a thin coat of glue -- then wrapped the shims in various fabric pieces out of her scrap box....she used her rotary cutter to neatly trim the edge...then it was all about the liquid nails to adhere the shims to the inexpensive IKEA mirror...(any mirror would work)

You know how much I love A PICTURE OF A WOMAN TAKING A PICTURE INTO A MIRROR. Great job, Ally.

YOU, TOO, GRANDMA DEB. Looking at that picture of Ally in the mirror -- I would like to suggest that she take that same picture EVERY YEAR ON HER BIRTHDAY. Don't you wish we had started to do that when we were 16 years old?? How subtle the changes will be...but inevitable, eh??

Wherever Ally goes in her life -- in every dormitory or home she lives in -- no matter where she is or what she's doing -- she only has to look at her reflection in that spirited mirror to know she has a grandmother who loved her very much...

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  1. Would the paint stir sticks work that you can get for free? Just a thought!!! I love it!!!