Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Day-Trippin

I LOVE SUMMER.  There are so many opportunities to do day-trippin.  AND I'm already looking forward to spending some of those days with my great-nephews and nieces.  Next week the local high school is doing "The King and I".  Theater is one of my favorite things to do with them.  Or an art occasion...I'm always looking for some kind of hands-on event.  Neighboring towns are good candidates for a day-trip.  All summer long, there are fairs and festivals. 

This year, I had a great kick off with my day on Vashon Island and their wonderful Art Tour...

I received so many emails about my visit to Dixon, Illinois -- I feel like I should get a job with their Chamber of Commerce.
They have a lot of ongoing exhibits at the Historical Society

And I wanted to show you the view right as you walk in the door.  A wide staircase leads up to this wonderful quote and fabulous picture of Ronald Reagan....


There is a bronze statue of President Reagan...he and Rhonda would have made a cute couple, eh?

OF COURSE, I had to do a "shoe shot".  Rita, Ronnie and Rhonda...

Bill Jones is explaining the architecture of the Chautauqua auditorium...

And, then -- lunch at the wonderful Basil Tree Ristorante!!  If I can figure it out -- I'm going to give you a hyperlink to their menu.

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