Sunday, June 3, 2012

Crazy Little Girl Dresses

If you haven't figured it out by now -- I love t-shirt knits. I always have. Over the years, I've recycled t-shirts into nursing home dresses (for Val) -- memory quilts (for Ross and Elliott) -- shower curtains, room curtains, bedding, pillows, scarves, shawls, maxi-dresses, etc. (all for me...)

Remember the Mommy and Me Christmas nightgowns?? Since then, I've done several summer sets of Mommy and Me nightgowns...the girls look SO CUTE. And Lilly loves dressing like her Mommy...

My newest passion is making little girl dresses out of former t-shirts....and I am a COMPLETE sucker when I find an adorable little t-shirt dress at a thrift shop. I just can't stop myself. The other day, it occurred to me that I had accumulated 30+ size 5 dresses for Lillian. HOLY COW. Can you spell OBSESSED... Last week, I decided to enlist my favorite pint sized super model, model some of the current selection.


More of a "top" than a dress...but it will look great with leggings!!

Ruffled skirts are one of my favorite things.  And I'm hooked on the askew!!

Turns out -- tie-dye is another one of my favorite things.  Hey -- I know it's not ALL ABOUT ME...BUT you've got to admit, she looks pretty cute in tie-dye!!

Medmphis did not love this -- but I think the one-shoulder look is ready for the Red Carpet.  I'll add a little striped skirt...

Note to self:  EVERY little girl loves pocket.

OF COURSE you knew there would be some black and white...zebra is still my first love...

Memphis loved the pink flamingo applique.
YES, I KNOW....I am totally, completely, 100% crazy. All these dresses put way too much pressure on Lillian. And then, even Memphis cracked. She told me she was done trying on clothes. I NEED A SUPPORT GROUP...

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  1. No wonder Lilly needs to change clothes 5 times a day : )