Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sew And Tell

If you read this blog on a regular basis -- you know I try to make every single day something special.

Hey -- why not??

Monday is? That's Carrie day. The house gets cleaned while I walk on my treadmill. Perfect.

Tuesday is what? That's book/breakfast club. Yeah, yeah, yeah -- we're doing more eating than reading the last coupla years.

We enjoy having guests...Mary always comes during her December visit...
But whether we're reading or eating -- we OFTEN have a little "Sew And Tell"...

Linda P. saw a very expensive jeans purse at a boutique in Arizona...and thought I CAN MAKE THAT!

Starting with an old pair of blue jeans...
She personalized the inside ofr her bag with specific pockets for her "stuff"
There was no cost to the old jeans, and she cleverly bought a $2 purse at the Goodwill store to get the handles.

However -- that's when her luck ran out.....I think the charm was $14, and I'm pretty sure the irresistable belt was $20.... But, of course -- the satisfaction of CREATING IT HERSELF -- 'PRICELESS"....!!

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  1. My 4-H kids have made those purses! In fact, one of them made a bunch one holiday season and sold them - made herself a tidy sum of money :-)
    Laura in Puyallup