Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Micky Mouse Dress Redo

Here's the thing about MY KIND OF SEWING.... Sometimes it works out -- and other times it doesn't. And I'm fine with

I had a baby sized "Micky Mouse" dress which I thought was very cute. I cut around the big Micky Mouse head, then did a raw edge applique onto a size 4 red t-shirt.  I simply cut off the long sleeves -- then added a black and white striped skirt to turn it into a toddler dress.

The little maiden I had in mind was Carrie's daughter, Elizabeth -- who, at the time, was actually PLANNING a trip to Disney World. However -- the Micky Mouse dress did not interest Elizabeth. So it ended up in Lillian's room, along with a dozen other little recycled t-shirt dresses...

On the day she was playing with Cash, Lilly changed clothes six or seven times -- and the Micky dress was paired with various pants, shorts, etc.

When she put it on, I could see that the dress was too short...

WAY TOO I made a mental note to add a piece of fabric around the bottom of the dress...

And the next time she was here, it was the first thing she put on!  Much better!!
The girl has her own sense of style.  Purple leggings and a brown hat.  PERFECTION!!

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