Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mary Caroline!

Here's a tip. Any time somebody invites you to a birthday party -- GO!! Two of my book-clubbers are sisters-in-law. Sandy and Linda P. recently planned and hosted a birthday party for Sandy's Mom -- Mary Caroline. Who was having her 90th birthday. I KNEW the food would be awesome. Holly Cow...there was a cupcake tower...and they even had a "key" so you knew which flavor you were getting...
Sandy took on the job of making a memory quilt for her Mom...and the color scheme went with everything else at the party. Black and white with lime green accents...OH MY GOD...these people are very high maintenance....
Sandy's own square showed her penchant for wearing many rings!!
Wedding bells for Mary and Harvey
For the quilt, she had a square for every member of the family, the little hands are the grandchildren...
The dove in the lower left corner is for Mary's husband, now in heaven.

GREAT JOB ON THE PARTY, GIRLS. It was a beautiful day -- with a wonderful turnout. The food was fabulous -- and I loved, loved, loved the color scheme. The quilt was stunning, Sandy -- and nobody would have ever guessed you had so many issues with it. Because Sandy's embroidery machine was having some "issues" -- she sent the squares out to have the names and dates embroidered. Sounds like a good idea, eh? Here's the problem. Sandy appliqued the hands on every square -- then sent the squares off to be embroidered. However, when the squares were "hooped" -- the applique pulled away at the edges. Well, most of you can imagine the trouble Sandy had...ugh... But it was a stellar recovery, Sandy -- and nobody would ever have guessed you had to make so many repairs. I only mention it here because I think some of my readers might learn from your experience. Thus, saving themselves 300 hours of extra work... GOOD JOB, TEAM... Thanks for inviting me. Tomorrow I'm going to share my FAVORITE PART OF THE PARTY...!!

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