Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ronda's Sewing Passion

My sisters ALL LOVE TO SEW. But we all come at it from completely different points of view. Which is what I love so much about sewing. It really is something different for everybody. Deb loves to do machine embroidery -- and she absolutely WEARS out those embroidery machines. You know I am hooked on sewing recycled t-shirts -- and my current obsession is making little girl dresses. For the last coupla years --  Ronda's passion is making flannel blankets...

Of course, a big part of the fun (in all cases) is the SHOPPING. Because, no matter what kind of sewing you enjoy doing -- the most important thing is to be supported by a really well stocked FABRIC STASH...
After Sew Expo -- we went to Pike Place Market: Deb, me, Barb (psuedo-sister) and Ronda...OH MY GOD...we had such a wonderful, wonderful time during this special sisters trip...
Ronda with her latest flannel blanket.  She has made scores of these suckers!!

This is a close up shot.  Ronda specializes in the "raw edge" technique.  WHAT A LOAD OF WORK...

And a baby blanket with pastel zebra stripes?

In my life, I have been fortunate to meet hundreds of women who love to sew. Most of them are way more accomplished than me. But it doesn't matter if she's into tailoring or complicated quilts -- if she sews -- she is my sister.

And here's what we have in common...whatever we sew -- quilts or dresses or blankets or embroidered jackets or sweatshirts or curtains or Princess bedding -- WE GIVE IT ALL AWAY.

Women who sew are simply the most generous, giving people in the world.

Good job, you.

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