Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fringe curtains

I'm having a GREAT WEEK here in Iowa. The Midwest Writing Center puts on a kick-ass conference and it is inspiring to be in the company of so many wonderful writers.  And I'm telling ya -- EVERYBODY has a story!!

Elliott and Emily are moving into their new house this summer -- and they have done SO MUCH WORK. It's really shaping up and I love, love, love having Lilly just ten minutes away.

Emily bought a colorful bed set at a garage sale -- but Lilly's room needed curtains.  I started off by cutting the pink flower fabric away from the twin bedskirt tht she didn't need...
Although, I've gotta say -- the fabric from those "bed in a bag" sets is really marginal....I had to back it with some muslin.

Then, I cut some 4" strips from various t-shirts I had laying around...(white and hot pink strips)

I made some tabs for the curtains...

There will be pink and white fringes -- AS SOON AS I GET THE CUTTING DONE...(THAT'S THE last STEP)

I love this picture.  It doesn't show the curtains well -- or Lilly or Emily either, for that matter...but I love the view out of Lilly's bedroom window.  And it felt like I captured one of those moments....working on Lilly's new bedroom...

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