Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Tacoma Bonus Day

My first full day in Tacoma was Sunday, May 6. Although initially, I had hoped to "hook up" with some friends who live in the area -- for one reason or another -- it did not work out. (Apparently, I'm not nearly as charming once people get to know me...)

So I found myself alone in a strange and beautiful place.
I woke up at 8:00 MY TIME. (that's 6:00 AM in Tacoma). I looked out the window at a beautiful little jewel box garden.  What a stunning day.  I realized what a rare gift this day was...and I was determined to do something I'd never done before!!

My usual Sunday morning ritual is to write my cousin Jackie in Oklahoma. Here's part of my email that morning,

"Dear Jackie,

I'm on my own. AND I have many wonderful choices. I could take a long leisurely walk down along the water.  I have one of the most beautiful views in the world right out my window. And I DID bring my walking shoes....just in case...

I looked into going "whale watching" -- but I didn't pack a warm coat -- and it's a two hour drive.  The Tacoma glass museum is very close...but it is too beautiful to be indoors.  I'm dizzy with the possibilities...This is such a RARE AND WONDERFUL treat...

It would be fun to kick around one of those charming little towns in the area -- if only I could figure out WHERE AND HOW to do that. Vashon Island is having an art walk...but that would involve finding the ferry landing and driving my car on...

That's a scarry activity that I've never done before...

So -- obviously -- that's EXACTLY WHAT I SHOULD DO...

I'll let you know how my first BONUS DAY turns out!!"

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  1. And I wasn't even working that day. You certainly know how to get to
    Laura in Puyallup