Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fabric Wall Starch

Guess what? That old-fashioned technique of using liquid-fabric-starch-to-put-fabric-on-a-wall REALLY WORKS..!!

Here are a few tips:
  • It's messy -- put down a plastic dropcloth.
  • I used a paint tray to hold the liquid starch.
  • My favorite tool was a small foam roller to get out the bubbles.
  • Roll from the center of the piece out to the edges to remove all bubbles. (if you miss any -- you just poke the dry bubble with a pin and restarch the area)
  • Once the fabric is completely soaked in the starch -- it can be difficult to tell which side is the "right side" -- so have a system. I laid the fabric in the starch, always with the wrong side down, then I folded it onto itself...so the WRONG side was always on the outside of the roll of fabric.
  • If you're working with very large pieces -- the weight of the wet fabric can be a problem. Use tacks to hold the fabric in place...they can easily be removed when the fabric is dry.
I LOVED the smell of the starch...and it's such an easy cleanup. Just rinse with water.


I cannot remember when I've had more fun doing an art project...and it felt sooo good to actually find a use for my extensive FABRIC STASH.

It is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Soak your fabric in the liquid starch.
2. Smooth it onto the wall.
3. Using a foam brush (or roller), or just your hand, gently squeeze out all air bubbles. Here's the beginning of my wall.

At this point, I'm really building some confidence...

I LOVE IT SO MUCH...after I did the initial LAYER OF FABRIC -- I realized you can LAYER one fabric on top of another with the starch...WHO KNEW?? So, of course, when the whole wall was finished -- I starched some embroidery designs and t-shirt slogans -- to tone it all down..

And the great thing is -- you don't damage the fabric OR THE WALL in any way. When you get tired of it -- you just roll some water on to soften the starch -- and the fabric peels right off. Wash the wall -- and voila -- it's like it never happened!

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