Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fabric Guest Room

Elliott & Emily are BUYING A HOUSE IN IOWA.  He is out of the Army -- and will be starting his own business.  This post was written when they moved into a rented house in Wisconsin...

That house had a large, open basement. There is a wonderful bed in one corner -- and Emily wanted to put up some fabric walls for privacy. THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN...from the outside, it looks like white fabric...

But, from the inside -- the zebra stripe is visible...yes, I know -- BEAUTIFUL...
We sewed a simple pocket in the top -- then ran a wire through the entire length. Then, hung with fabric loops tied to cup hooks...

We had JUST ENOUGH zebra fabric to face the "door opening"

Hey -- even though it's just fabric -- the walls provide a feeling of privacy, a place to put furniture, etc.


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  1. Rita, I was just googling Emily and Elliot to find their address and came across your blog!

    I did love your bedroom idea in the Wisconsin basement. I may be copying that idea in my own basement : )

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!