Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Talk about your BAD Karma...

Ina Garten -- the Barefoot Contessa -- turned down a little boy from the "Make a Wish" Foundation.

She turned him down twice. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I just cannot get over it....

First of all -- I love to cook and I am a HUGE fan of the FOOD channel. It is my "go to" network. I watch all the shows. Next Network Star, 30 Minute Meals, Paula name the show, and I've watched it. Many times.

So you can imagine my surprise and DISAPPOINTMENT when I read about Ina Garten saying "NO" to Enzo Pereda, the 6 year old leukemia patient who was a big fan. She turned his request down twice.

I predict Ina Garten is done. Finished. I believe the FOOD Network is about to fill her time slot with Emeril reruns. Because like the vast legions of former-Barefoot-Contessa fans -- from now on, I'd watch Happy Days reruns before I'd tune into her show...

Apparently, these "celebrity chefs" think of themselves as the new DIVAS. They are rich and famous and the "I'm better than you" attitude comes with the territory. Ina Garten thought she was all that.

But if you thought you were invincible, Ina -- think again. Nobody is.

I've got two words for you....Tiger Woods.

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