Monday, April 4, 2011

Day #1 Expo Outfit (by: Deborah)

Like other speakers and vendors who attend the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington -- I plan a different outfit for EVERY SINGLE DAY. With the help of my embroidering sister, Deborah, that is...

On Day One -- this was my outfit. Deb embroidered the show logo on the bottom front of the jacket.

And I LOVE the pants I wore! Do you remember when I blogged about them? I bought a pair of pants at the Goodwill store just because it had this great embroidery on the bottom of the legs.

The right leg is way different than the left leg. The hardest part of this re-styling project was finding a BIG ENOUGH PAIR OF PANTS THAT Then, I had to cut the fancy legs off and reattach them to my plain pair of pants...

Yes, you're right. Deborah also embroidered the show logo on the butt-cheek of my black linen J.Jill jacket.

I enjoyed wearing my newly restyled jacket and pants (despite the velcro butt in this pic)...but I don't have a photo of me on Day One of the show. (although -- I have another 1200 pictures coming my way). So, I had my book clubber take a picture at last week's breakfast ...

GREAT JOB, are the BEST.

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