Friday, April 8, 2011

America Sent Pia Home!!

Something terrible just happened. Near as I can figure, I fell asleep...and then, I had a horrible nightmare...I dreamed that Pia was voted OFF American Idol!!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was STUNNED that Pia was in the bottom three -- but never worried for even a minute that she would actually go home...

So -- you can imagine my shock.

Pia was ALWAYS MY PICK to be the last girl standing...her voice was awesome. Simply amazing. From Day One -- Pia never missed a single note.

And did I forget to mention -- SHE IS A STUNNER??

I'm beginning to rethink the whole concept of American Idol. Maybe we really shouldn't be allowed to vote...Honestly -- I am losing faith, people. WHAT'S WRONG WITH US??

Listen up, American Idol -- I'll give up one Stephano, one Haley, one Lauren and a Paul to get my Pia back...c'mon...I'll even throw in a Jacob....I AM BEGGING YOU...

And, hey, since I'm already in a very pissy mood after losing Pia -- what was up with that last "musical number" by Iggy Pop? The wrinkled, withered old naked old guy who was jumping all over the stage?


I mean -- who is he blackmailing -- c'mon -- PAY THE MAN!!

I'm going to quit watching so much television.

Pia -- I apologize. This is all my fault...because I never actually "vote" I feel just terrible about tonight.

But you should NOT FEEL BAD. Nobody remember the WINNERS of American Idol. The losers actually get the big careers...Crystal Bowersox, Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtrey, Jennifer Hudson.

Hold that thought, babe...

Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Hudson....!


  1. Gee Rita, I wish you had used a subject header like "American Idol Results Spoiler" and put stuff about Pia inside the body of your message so that those of us on the west coast, where the show hasn't aired yet would have known to skip the message when we saw the subject header. :(

  2. OH MY GOD...i AM SO SORRY...i was in a state of shock...and I'm taking this post down right now!!