Saturday, April 9, 2011


During my exhaustive thrift shopping adventures -- one of the things I'm always a sucker for is "Seven-Day-A-Week' dishtowel sets. This particular set had puppies as a theme...and the linen towels were pristine.

It was a complete set -- all seven days! Pinned at the corner, they looked like they'd never been used. I paid $12.50 at a flea market.

This yellow matelasse bed coverlet was too much for me to I bid $2.50 -- but it's only "full" size -- when I need a Queen. But I still might use it on top of the box spring -- it would be a great bed skirt...I dunno yet...

And -- this t-shirt is bound for Lillian's room!! I'm not sure what it will be yet. Maybe a pillow? Or part of her curtain?

I'll think of something..!!

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