Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My recycled Sweater Coat

When my sister Deborah was visiting recently -- I took her THRIFT STORE SHOPPING (oh, yeah, that'll be a whole blog post) because she wants to make a recycled wool jacket. Remember my great sweater coat from Ya Ya Show at last year's EXPO??

It just occurred to me that maybe you'd like to BUY ONE instead of making it yourself? I want to, once again, recommend the artist/sewist woman who MADE THAT FABULOUS SWEATER COAT FOR ME. Every time I wear this coat -- I get stopped. IT IS AWESOME...

She's Jill from Wisconsin -- and she has an Etsy store. I sent her a BOX OF SWEATERS...and she came up with this fabulous creation!

There was a woman in the audience that day who was also wearing a fabulous sweater coat...I brought her up on stage -- her coat was stunning as well. WHAT IS YOUR NAME?? I consider her my mystery guest...

Please visit Jill's Etsy shop to see what she's working on NOW. She has a wonderful eye and I am always delighted to support wearable artists. Jill's Recycled Etsy Shop

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  1. You can make more than just sweater coats with old sweaters........ :-)
    Laura in Puyallup