Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life Is Not A Dress Size

On June 1, 2006, I realized I'd accidentally gained 100 pounds. That day, I stepped on John's treadmill and walked for 3 minutes. I also became conscious about what I was eating. Three years later -- by June 2009 -- I was walking 3 miles a day on my own Horizon treadmill and I'd lost 100 pounds. Here's a picture of me at the 2009 Sew Expo with the Ya Ya Stalkers..(Judy & Chris)

(if I had realized this was the THINNEST I WOULD EVER BE -- I would have taken WAY MORE pictures!!)

During those three years -- I almost never talked about losing weight. Honestly -- as a topic of conversation -- dieting is right up there with NBA basketball or cleaning products.

However, I'm writing this post because I hope it will be therapeutic to tell you that for the last year or so -- I've been gaining the weight back. Bummer.

Weight is like that. You can do everything right, work like hell to lose it -- and THINK it's gone forever -- but the minute you relax, it's back with a vengeance....Like a Republican Congress...

(KIDDING...just kidding...some of my best friends are Republicans. Please don't email me...)

I'm just sayin'. I'm back at it. Walking on my treadmill every day...Trying to be conscious about what I eat...

And I'll be fine. One reason I know this for sure is that I accidentally allowed somebody to take a picture of me in March 2006...

OH MY GOD. There are exactly 3 pictures of Fat Rita...this is one of 'em....and it is inspiring.

So -- altho I am doin' it -- I still won't be talkin' about it.

Cuz as a topic of conversation -- it is still B - O - R - I - N - G...

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