Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My Towel Fashion Show!!

YOU LADIES IN PUYALLUP are amazing, and I miss you, too. I loved following the show with Rhonda and Laura on Facebook -- and it was fun to do some actual fabric shopping via those Facebook posts!!!!


Can you see the wonderful NEW YORK CITY print??  Rhonda bought 3 yards for me -- and I AM OVER THE MOON!!
Ever since Fat Camp, I tell myself I am IN TRAINING to take Lilly to New York City. AND THIS IS THE MONTH WE'RE DOING IT.

As you know -- a big part of my training is Swimfit classes. I go three days a week. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??

The truth is -- nobody is more surprised than me, people!!

At this point, I almost always have a bag in my car with a swimsuit and a towel. The beautiful pool at the Bettendorf YMCA has become my new happy place...

I spend five or six hours a week doing water aerobics...

The good news is that THEY MAKE TOWELS BIG ENOUGH to wrap around me!!  And, with a bit of Frankensewing -- I have developed quite a wardrobe of swim towels. I took two of them to a recent TMBC for Sew and Tell.

By adding a piece of t-shirt along the top of the towel, when it wraps around, it becomes a sundress...
Then, taking some inspiration for the Ya Ya Sisters Wrap pattern, I made two 12 inch slits -- creating armholes...
Really -- it's a great idea. You slip your arms through the holes, and don't have to worry about trying to hold the towel on your body...
I also used some t-shirt strips to create a ruana out of a gorgeous yellow towel..but I don't have any pictures of that yet. 

(It's hard to carry a camera into a swimming pool environment...)

If you are coming to Sewing Weekend, THERE WILL BE A TOWEL FASHION SHOW...I also have two wonderful kid towel ideas ...(photos to follow)...

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  1. I saw the NY print. It is pretty cool! They had a couple different big prints like that this year. I almost bought one of them. Glad you liked my posts :-)