Saturday, March 4, 2017

Inspired2Sew New York City Challenge!!

For many years, Bonne and Jan came to Sew Expo every year, and did a personal challange with the fabric they purchased the previous year. They were great friends, and I encaouraged them to SHARE THEIR challenges with the Expo audience. This post is about what we called the "New York City" challenge...because I brought fabric back from Mood Fabrics...they sewed, they trash-talked...they made it SO MUCH FUN!!...from does the time go, eh??


Welcome, Expo Insider readers!! As promised -- here are the pictures of the recent "Inspired2Sew" NYC sewing challenge!! I will only leave these photos posted for ONE WEEK -- then, you'll have to come to their show at the 2011 EXPO to see the finished challenge garments IN PERSON. (They will be the Friday afternoon free Nooner event up on the Expo Runway!)

From Bonne:
WOW Jan! You are Speedy Gonzales! Talk about pressure!!! LOL!!! I'm not done, but close enough I can match your new shortened deadline...thought you were going to catch me mid garment construction...HA! :-) Since we actually have another week I wonder if Rita would like a peak at our YA YA Sister challenge from the T-shirts we were given at their Expo show for next weeks Blog?

Well ladies, I just couldn't do it. Remember last week I mentioned I was hesitant to cut my shawl? I had the garment sketched out... okay Jan quit laughing :-) Truth be told I'm artistically challenged with paper and pencil so I did my usual...copy the front and back views from the pattern envelope and scribbled in my design. But I just couldn't do it, every time I look at the shawl it reminded me of how deeply Lady Liberty has touched me each time I've seen her in person. Since I couldn't combine the shawl into the jacket, I had to make the shawl coordinate with the jacket!


From Jan:

I'm done with our Statue of Liberty challenge!!! Got 'er done, yes sireeeeee!!! How 'bout it Bonne, are you ready yet? See dear friend, you pulled this with me last time, and I'll be darned if I'll be last done this time!!! So keep me posted and we'll send our pics at the same time!!! This is FUN!!!! byeeee for now, jan the fearless.......let me see, what's next?......Hye ladies, did you watch the first project runway?!!! I wished they would've gotten rid of casanova - arghhh!! and a few more!!! Gonna be a good season I think!

thanks rita! this is one of my fave things I've done - was very nervous as once I cut into it, as it was wanting to ravel - poof!! I serged all the edges right off! But it turned out soft and drapey - there is no lining or stabilizer at all - the inside is as pretty as the outside!! And it just fits and hangs perfect!! Ha! Wait til you see the t-shirt challenge!!! You'll love it! Do we save that for expo? Rats, reality check day - house cleaning!! arghhhhh! Bye, jan

Here it is! I love my Statue of Liberty vest! I used Ghee's shirtail vest pattern #595. The two fronts are cut from both ends of the shawl, and the New York and the fringe are from the very ends! See the cute little collars! The handbag is from the base of Liberty and has the left over fringe on it! In the last pic you can see the cute small zippered money purse (that fits inside the handbag) and Linda's pattern covers! the vest has black bias for binding. I've never done anything like this - it was sooo much fun!!

AMAZING.....I love, love, love the way the words work out on the vest, Jan. AWESOME JOB...

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