Monday, March 13, 2017

My Sewing Sister Quilt Top

Here's another benefit of being a WOMAN WHO SEWS..
I am always -- I mean ALWAYS -- planning my next project. My brain is on fire with WHAT I SHOULD SEW NEXT. The list is constantly changing...some things move up in priority -- other things drop off the list completely.

Not every idea comes to fruition...but it's the CONSTANT PLANNING that engages my imagination and keeps me looking forward to the NEXT BIG THING...

I saw this quilt top for the first time during Mary's visit...

Weeks later, when I saw this friendship quilt at the feedsack class...I experienced serious WHY-DIDN'T-I-BUY-IT-REMORSE...
Right after the feedsack class, I drove to the OTHER SIDE OF TOWN to see if that quilt top was still there.
AND IT WAS!! I could not believe my good luck. For only $15 -- I now own a piece of sewing history.
I'm not smart enough to know how to "date" this quilt top, but I'm pretty sure most of the printed fabrics are from feedsacks.

Maybe I will do a Google search of the names on my quilt...who are you, Alice Ellingson or Hazel Truesdale?

But mostly, I am incubating an idea about how I can incorporate MY ACTUAL SEWING SISTERS into this fabulous quilt top...

Oh, yeah -- this is going to be special!!

MMWI:  252.8

P.S.  I got an email from Doris, as she was worried when I didn't post my MMWI number.  The thing is, I usually write my posts in advance so they go up automatically...and the Monday morning blog has usually already published before I get out of bed and do the actual MONDAY MORNING WEIGHT IN.  So, I have to go back in to add the number...But I am committed to sharing this embarrassing information because it's how I keep track for myself.  And it's also how I stay accountable.  THANK you for all the encouraging emails...I feel wonderful and am looking forward to taking Lilly to NEW YORK CITY this week.  (Winter Storm Stella is coming, too.) 

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