Saturday, March 11, 2017

Memories or Art?

Here's a picture of our usual TMBC. Week in, week out, the four of us gather at our local grocery store for a non-gourmet breakfast. Always the same time...(which is why we call it the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club)...and always the same agenda. Coffee, catch-up and sew'n tell. We do a download about our previous week...and we help each other plan what's coming up.
Sandy, me -- and our two Lindas.
The one I call LP has been making TWO versions of the Splendid Sampler.
After the year-long Splendid Sampler hub-bub, with the quilting fabric and new blocks flying around her house -- she decided it was time to SPRING CLEAN her sewing room.

After our inspirational feedsack class -- she dove into her stash, looking for a vaguely remembered little sugar bag that used to belong to her favorite Grandma...
EUREKA!! She found it!! Can you see the printing on the bottom of the bag? "Los Angeles, California". We discussed what could be done to remove the stains...but she decided there was too big a risk of also removing the ink...
LP brought the little sugar sack to TMBC to show it to us. She talked about her California Grandma, and how much she enjoyed the annual visits to her favorite Grandma. It's funny how something so small and so simple could snap a grown woman back to her childhood...a little girl, traveling across the country in the back of a station wagon (oops -- that could have been my memory, not hers...I mean -- didn't every family have a station wagon back then?)...

We declared it PERFECT -- just the way it is. LP took the little sugar sack home, stuffed it a bit to give it some shape -- and then framed it.
You never, ever know what a child will remember.

I wonder, one day -- when Lilly is 65 years old, what she might touch that will remind her of me??

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