Friday, January 27, 2017

The REST of the Let It Go Story..!!

Since going to Fat Camp,  I have more energy -- and I am NO LONGER SITTING IN MY CHAIR for six hours at a time.

I get up and I DO THINGS.  And it really feels good!  The other day, while waiting for John at the doctor's office, instead of sitting in the waiting room...I went outside and walked around the building.  UNBELIEVABLE.

Like Swimfit at the YMCA two or three times a week... I also work on projects, spend time with the kiddos, and I have become a CLEANING AND CLEARING machine!!

But there is more to my new LET IT GO attitude...

Last month, my young friend Anne was in town, working on the year-long project of clearing out her childhood home. A HUGE house, full of furniture, clothes, household stuff, antiques, collectibles and treasure from at least four generations of various families. It is a daunting task...and there is no way to accomplish this huge job except to JUST DO IT.  Every chance she gets, Anne makes the one hour trip and puts in a full day of sorting, cleaning, and clearing out.
Anne with her daughter Sarah at Nancy's 2015 Sewing Weekend
Anne has plowed through decades of stuff...stored in the attic, the bedrooms, the basement. Whenever possible, she gave things to other family members. She also filled a huge dumpster several times. Mostly, she's made dozens of trips to the Salvation Army and/or the Goodwill Store. She also took some things to the local auction house. She had to make a decision about every single item she picked up....IT HAS BEEN AN ENORMOUS JOB...

One day, Warren and I went to have lunch with Anne, and I was completely awed by this overwhelming task she'd been given. She's been going at it for months, but in a very uncomplaining tone, she said,  "I've touched and considered every single thing in this house.  Doing this is the last gift I can give to my parents."

I thought about that all the way home. And all the stuff I have acquired...and how little Ross or Elliott knows about any of it. And how little they care. Who could blame them? It's so disorganized...just boxes and tubs of random junk...all mixed together...

After I die, I'm pretty sure they'll take one look at my lifetime collection of stuff and the only way they're going to touch it will be with a blow torch....

So -- thanks for the inspiration, Anne. ME cleaning out my own stash is my gift to my boys...

ROSS AND ELLIOTT -- you are welcome!!

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  1. My friend, Carol, could relate with Anne. Her mom hoarded every scrap of fabric and every pattern ever printed. After selling almost 1200 pounds of fabric, yes 1200, she still sent 91 boxes of fabric to Goodwill. There was a piece of rainbow zebra silky that I almost snagged and mailed to you :-)