Monday, January 9, 2017


I like the change of seasons. Really. Most of the time, that is.

What I like the most is that each season brings with it a change in habits and activities.

In the summer, we enjoy picnics, gardening and sweet corn. In the spring there is asparagus and busy bird feeders. The fall, my personal favorite, is noteworthy for the vibrant leaves, football games and pumpkin pie. In the winter, I make soup every week, I take down the Christmas tree and put up  the puzzle table. There is often snow on the ground, so if we're lucky -- WE GET TO MAKE A SNOWMAN!!
That involves a lot of bundling up!!
The snow has to be JUST RIGHT to pack properly and stay together.
That's my purse in the back -- so you can get some perspective. It was a pretty small snowman...with not a lot of accessorizing...
Lilly and Warren didn't have any time to adorn Frosty on that day, because it got DARK AT 4:00. And then the temps dropped -- to below zero. But I'm glad they seized the moment and got out there to build the snowman -- even if he was a little guy...

But THIS YEAR...for the first time in my life...I have introduced a brand new activity to my January calendar. Believe it or not -- this is where I've been spending two or three mornings each week.

In the beautiful heated pool at the Bettendorf YMCA.

AND I'M LOVING IT. I told Mary to bring her swim suit. She's gonna love Aquarobics!!
This week, I was down to 268.8  I have officially ZOOMED through the 290's and 280's...

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