Thursday, January 19, 2017

Every Month, A BIG EVENT!!

Here's the thing. A happy, fulfilling life doesn't just happen. YOU HAVE TO DO ACTUAL THINGS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Whatever you enjoy doing, you need to DO MORE OF IT. Sounds simple, eh?

Not always. But -- in the spirit of Elvis -- I don't leave these things to chance.

Thinking about Elvis's three points of happiness...

#1: Someone to love. I am very fortunate to have people in my life that I love. A lot. When there are disappointments or problems, I think, "these are my people." Then, I forgive them -- or ask them to forgive me -- and we move on. Loving people is easy. Accepting and forgiving is the hard part...

#2: Something to do. NO PROBLEM. Taking care of all the people in #1 takes a lot of time...and I have so many hobbies that I LOVE....I always, always have something to do.

Which brings me to #3: Something to look forward to...This is so much fun. Because, I LOVE TO PLAN EVENTS. I like to have one major wonderful event happening every month.

Brilliant, eh??

So, to kick off 2017 -- here's what's happening (so far):

JANUARY: Mary Mulari is coming to Iowa!
Mary is coming for a visit -- and I AM PLANNING EVERY MINUTE!!

FEBRUARY: My cousin Jackie, is coming from North Carolina for a visit!
It's always great when Jackie comes home. With birthdays only 3 months apart, we grew up together and spending time with her makes me feel like a kid again. (I can almost get into those pink pants!!)

MARCH: Lilly and I have our birthdays. This year, I am taking her to NEW YORK CITY!!
Last year, I took Lilly to CHICAGO. She got to meet Mary Fons and we had a wonderful time. This year? NEW YORK CITY!! I am soo excited. I've been working out, getting in shape -- and am confident that I'll be able to keep up with her!

To Be Determined. Hummm...I have so many choices...what to do? what to do??

We will DEFINITELY have a Sister's Sewing Weekend again this year!!
How about a Featherweight Workshop in Minnesota?? Hey -- that could happen!!
Maybe I'll go to Canada to see Marion's new, wait, she's probably still in Florida...

A TMBC Road trip? Maybe an overnight in Wisconsin??

In May, Mary and I will be doing our brand new Midwest YA YA Sister act at Nancy's Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin!!
June: Whatever doesn't happen in April is going to happen in June...


  1. Wish in March you would be coming to Sew Expo. We miss you so much!!!!

  2. April's my birthday month :-)