Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Nancy's Sewing Weekend: 2017

GUESS WHAT?? MARY AND I have been invited to present our ALL NEW MIDWEST YA YA SISTER SHOW at the Nancy's 2017 Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. I AM SOO EXCITED!!

It will be here before you know it -- so you should start making your plans. May 4-6, in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. They don't have our picture up on the website (yet) -- but I'm sure WE'RE GOING TO BE THERE.

It's the BEST GIRLFRIEND WEEKEND you can imagine!!
It is such a wonderful event!!  I absolutely love going to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin for Nancy's Sewing Weekend. 
They hang a wonderful quilt show.
Mary is coming on Thursday -- and we'll go shopping with the TMBC for some new projects and ideas.
The best part of Sewing Weekend is that they OPEN THE WAREHOUSE!!
The last time we did our presentation in Beaver Dam, Judy and Chris (the Ya Ya Stalkers) came all the way from Portland, Oregon!!
Mary is coming to Iowa this week -- and we will be building our ALL NEW SEMINAR...
Although -- I ALREADY KNOW WHAT I'M GONNA DO...and I'll be posting about that later in the week...
I pick Mary up at the Madison airport -- and then we drive the scenic hour to Beaver Dam.
We are looking forward to hanging out with Mike...
And doing some WAREHOUSE shopping of our own!!
John makes sure everybody gets on the buses -- to be taken all around town to the various locations...
GO FOR IT!! YOU DESERVE IT! Sewing, laughing, learning, visiting with your old friends -- making some new ones. IT JUST DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS, PEOPLE..!!


Nancy's 2017 Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.


  1. Some day I hope to attend. Maybe I can get Connie or Linda to come too.

  2. It's on my BUCKET LIST!!! Maybe this year!!!