Thursday, January 26, 2017


You would not believe all the stuff I've been getting rid of lately.

No -- I mean it -- really -- I can't believe it myself -- so I know YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE IT.

I've been going through my lifetime stash of fabric -- and my pathological collection of t-shirts, purses, totebags, shoes, belts....

Two months ago, I had to climb around boxes and bags to move even a few feet in my basement. Now -- YOU CAN SEE THE POOL TABLE. And -- NEWSFLASH -- THERE IS A FLOOR.


I've taken bags and bags to the Salvation Army...and every week, I also set out five or six bags of garbage to be picked up. Pieces of fabric and sleeves from t-shirts...cut up bits from a lifetime of Frankensewing...

After I went through everything, purging the no-longer-desirables -- I went back and purged again. For the second round, I used a method from the Hoarder's Show -- If I wanted to KEEP a t-shirt, I had to GET RID OF TWO. Youza. It was amazing how easy it was to do.

For the first time in decades...I was IN THE MOOD. and it felt good!! Because my collection was so big, it was getting in the way of my life.

Like Anna in the movie Frozen -- it was time to LET IT GO...!!

Hummm...just like the weight??

Oh, yeah -- I am definitely ready to LET IT GO...

I was feeling so good about my progress -- I decided to tackle my lifetime obsession with BOOKS. Yep. For every book I KEPT, I had to get rid of TWO. I took boxes and boxes of books to the Goodwill store.

Hey -- nobody is more surprised than me by this sudden urge to purge. 

Although I credit Fat Camp for my increased energy and can-do attitude -- that's not the whole story...

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