Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Computer Problems Vs. Real Problems

Dearest Readers,

I AM FINE. Thanks for your concern...Lorraine, Nancy, Mary, Linda, Julie, Pat, Virginia, Bonnie, Jan, Chris, Barb...I'm so sorry there was a break in my blogging action!! But it was very nice to know I was missed!!

The good news is that I HAVE MY LAPTOP BACK...and it's working fine.

I am very happy to be getting back into my blogging-groove!!

The bad news is that my computer was attacked by Ransomware...ugh....Hackers come into your computer (they probably live in Russia) -- and they encrypt your files. After they've encrypted all your data -- your computer screen goes blank, and they tell you how you CAN PAY MONEY to get the key that will DE-crypt your data.


Anyway...I'm dealing with my new reality.

I think it's going to be kind of like having a fire at your house. At first, you're just happy nobody was hurt. But as time goes on, you'll miss things you didn't even know you cared about.

I am sad that some things are gone forever especially some of my pictures. But, at the end of the day -- hey -- this doesn't even register as a REAL problem!!

LIFE GOES ON...and I am anxious to get-to-blogging about it. AGAIN.

THANKS for missing me!!


P.S. I lost another pound last week. I weigh 267. Sooo happy!!

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