Monday, January 23, 2017

Life Is Not A Dress Size

The good news is that I'm still hanging in there. I've changed my eating habits and I'm MOVING MORE...getting back on my treadmill and going to the Y two or three times a week for Swimfit class...

Hummm, actually -- there is no bad news.

But it took me a long time to get this fat -- and it's going to take a long time to lose all that weight...
And I'm okay with that. I'm just glad I took that first step...
I weigh myself once a week -- MONDAY MORNING -- and I make myself write down the number. Here. On this blog. Just that one time. Then, I mostly get on with my week...

Because I really don't want this to be about the number. I'm that girl -- remember? "LIFE IS NOT A DRESS SIZE" is my mantra. The credo of my life...

So I don't have daily conversations with my friends and family about what I'm eating or how much I weigh.


But many of you have been very supportive...and CURIOUS. So -- these self-indulgent Monday blog posts are about this particular journey -- and what's working for me. Because, honestly -- if I can lose weight -- ANYBODY CAN DO IT.

When I signed up for Fat Camp, I was 67 years old and weighed 300 pounds. As you get older, it's harder to lose weight. Mostly because your metabolism slows down, and for many reasons you're not so good at the moving anymore...Conn (my ex-Marine trainer) told me I was not his fattest client, nor his oldest client...but, if there was an algorithm putting those two numbers together, I would be at the top of his list. (the list titled, "Least Likely To Succeed")

Yet -- here I am. I've lost over 30 pounds. I have completely changed my eating habits and I'm exercising.
For many years, I used this quote, "We are all a product of our habits, be they good or bad." 

But when I tried to look it up -- I can't find either the quote or the source. So maybe I was the first person to actually think that thought or say those words?? I dunno...but I believe the words are true...and nowadays I am all about changing my habits.

A former bad habit: I'd wake up at 8 am, make a pot of coffee, then get on my computer. For hours. I always skipped breakfast, and often didn't eat until 3:00 or so.

My New HABIT: I get out of bed and EAT BREAKFAST with my first cup of coffee. An egg muffin sandwich, oatmeal or yogurt and fresh blueberries...and I enjoy every bite. So delicious!!

The point is that I make choices, every single day. And those daily choices become my habits. And I am a product of my habits -- be they good or bad.

I'm enjoying my new habits...And I am very grateful.

Buying spaghetti squash is a new habit. I love it!!

Today: 265.2.

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