Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Hero: Mary Fons

I have the best job in the world. Every month, I get to interview the MOST interesting people for Inspired To Sew, Schmetz Needles digital magazine.

The magazine is distributed via sewing stores -- quilt shops, fabric stores, sewing machine dealers. You can find the archived issues here:

I interviewed Mary Fons, daughter of the quilt-famous Marianne Fons, television personality, founder of Quilty magazine, star of television, quilt shows and her own life. Mary almost never talks about it -- but she has experienced some pretty awful health issues in her life...stomach issues, surgeries, colostomy bags, years of pain and weakness...But she carries on with her life in such a positive, quirky, funny, DOGGED way -- I simply adore her.
I met Mary as she was falling in love and leaving her beloved Chicago to move to New York City.  The love affair didn't work out (with the man or the city) -- so she relocated to Washington D.C.

Mary is a wonderful writer, and I follow her blog, Paper Girl.

I love Mary's blog...and I have been following her life changes. She recently moved to Washington, D.C., and, although I was hopeful...there have been some setbacks....this one was kinda scary... Read this blog post from Mary
Mary has also had success in live theater...and I only WISH I'd been able to see this show!!
As we move into 2015, I am trying to be thoughtful about who and what inspires me. Mary Fons has to be at the top of my list. The very, tippy top...

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